If you’ve ever had SEO done for your website you will more than likely know the importance of good “on page optimisation”. This refers to improving the title and description tags on each page of your site, along with the actual content.

There are a number of WordPress plugins for helping with SEO, but these mainly focus solely on letting you simply update the title and description tags. Until now.

Yoast SEO has been making significant enhancements to their plugin recently and their latest version puts them well ahead of the pack.

Some of their features include:

  •     Post titles and meta descriptions
  •     Robots meta configuration
  •     Content analysis
  •     Canonical
  •     XML sitemaps
  •     RSS enhancements
  •     Edit your robots.txt and .htaccess
  •     Clean up head section

The Yoast SEO meta box allows you to completely optimise your post title and meta description, using the snippet editor functionality to see what it will look like in Google.

This has been part of their plugin for a while, but now you can also add a “focus keyword”. By choosing a keyword that you want your page to rank well for, Yoast SEO will rate your page on a number of factors such as keyword density, image optimisation, text length, keyword use in the title and description.

This allows you to tweak your page to make sure each factor gets a “green light”.


Yoast now rates your page content!

The most exciting change is Yoast’s new ‘Readability Algorithm’. This rates factors such as sentence length, heading length, use of transition words and ease of reading.

So on top of looking at SEO friendliness, Yoast also rates the readability of your copy! A few minor tweaks to your content can go a long way in making it optimal for both readers and search engines.


A great start however…

Utilising Yoast SEO can really help improve your on-page optimisation. However Google still places a lot of emphasis on off-page factors such as incoming links to your website and social factors.

That’s where an SEO campaign can really help your business climb the rankings!