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Why Is My Email Not Working?

When emails stop working it can be quite annoying! But the key is not to panic. There are a number of reasons why it stopped working and most of them are very easy to resolve. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Restart your computer

It’s amazing how often this can fix the problem. A number of issues are temporary glitches that can be resolved by switching your computer off and on again.

2. Check your mailbox quota

If you cannot receive emails, it’s possible your mailbox is full. Delete any unwanted emails and make sure you also empty the ‘deleted items’ folder. To verify this is the problem, you can login to your control panel and see if you have reached your mailbox quota. Increasing the quota will also resolve the issue. If the hosting disk space is full, again you will need to delete unwanted emails to free up space, or contact us to increase your hosting plan.

3. Wait a little while

If your email account was working fine then suddenly stops, it could be a temporary issue, either with the hosting server or your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you receive an “Undeliverable” message notification the server may be busy or offline temporarily. If your website isn’t working either, then this is likely the case. Simply wait a few minutes and try again. The web host is usually aware of any server issues and will be doing their best to resolve them as quick as possible.

If you can’t view any websites at all, then your internet connection is probably down. Contact your ISP for assistance.

If you can view your website AND other websites, then it is not an issue with the web hosting or your ISP.

4. Ensure your domain name hasn’t expired

If your domain name is managed through Temerity, we will give you multiple notifications when it’s due for renewal. However a number of companies don’t, and your domain name can simply expire, causing your website to disappear. To check if your domain name has expired go to Enetica and type in your domain. If it says it’s expired, you will need to contact the company who manages it (whoever sends you domain name renewal invoices), and organise a renewal.

5. Check that your details are correct

If you’ve setup an existing email account on a new computer, make sure you have imported all the information in correctly. Check that your username, password and mail servers are all accurate.

If you’ve changed ISP’s (internet service providers) then the chances are you will also need to update your outgoing mail server, as it will be set to your old provider. Go to ‘Tools’ ‘Account settings’ and click on the email account, you will be able to edit details.

Incoming mail server should be mail.yourdomainname.com.au
Outgoing mail server should be your current ISP mail server.

Click here for a list of all Australian providers and their mail servers

When using your ISP for your outgoing mail server, in ‘more’ settings, make sure the ‘my outgoing server requires authentication’ box is not checked.

Another cause of the problem may be your security software. Sometimes an anti-virus update or changing the firewall configuration can block email traffic. To see if this is causing the problem, turn of your antivirus and/or firewall and then try your emails. If they work, then your security software is causing the problem. Adjusting settings on these should fix this.

Occasionally your email may not work because maintenance is being performed on our hosting servers or their is a temporary problem. If this is the case, we will have technicians working on it immediately until the issue is resolved. These problems are rare and are usually fixed within the hour…sometimes just a few minutes!

If you can receive emails but not send, the issue is related to the outgoing mail server. If you’ve just switched providers, you will need to update the outgoing server to the new ISP, see above link for list.

If you’ve recently installed a new program or software, it’s possible that it’s blocking the outgoing port. By default, the outgoing port is 25. If a program is blocking the port, you can use port 587 instead. Go to your account settings, click on ‘more’ and on the ‘advanced’ tab change the port from 25 to 587.

There may also be a mail server connectivity issue, and port 110 (the default incoming port) is not working. Go to your advanced tab under ‘more settings’ and change this from 110 to 143.

6. Google the problem

If you’re getting an error message, copy and paste it into Google. This will give you information on exactly what is wrong.

For more help on common email issues, go to:

7. Contact a computer technician

If you cannot resolve the problem, it may be worth calling a computer technician to look into the setup on your pc/device.

In Melbourne or Sydney, we recommend Technicalities on 1300 131 626.