Search Engine Optimisation

Businesses are starting to realise the critical importance of search engine optimisation. Being ranked on page 1 of Google will generate high levels of targeted traffic to your website from users actively searching for products or services that you offer.

What are the main reasons why you should get SEO?

  • Builds brand awareness
  • Increases traffic to your website
  • Compliments other marketing strategies
  • Improves your conversion rates
  • Has a high ROI
  • Uncover new markets

Many users believe companies found in the top search results are a major brand in their industry, therefore SEO also raises your online profile and builds brand awareness.

A search engine might return a million results but the fact is, the majority of your customers will not look past the first page. Don’t get lost in the crowd.

64% of our SEO clients have got phrases on page 1 of Google within 1 month.
81% of our SEO clients have got phrases on page 1 of Google within 2 months.
93% of our SEO clients have got phrases on page 1 of Google within 3 months.

We implement an array of strategies to help clients rank high.

seo-expert1. Identifying the most suitable keywords to target, based on keyword analysis and competitor reviews, ensuring the phrases are relevant to your business, highly searched by potential customers, and have competition levels that are achievable.

2. Assessing your website structure, making sure the themes of each page is ideal, with effective interlinking between pages, and content that gives your visitors a good user experience, that will keep them on the site for longer.

3. Implementing on-page optimisation by ensuring optimal page titles, meta tags, headings, URLs and with appropriate use of your targeted keywords throughout.

4. Building links back to your website from a range of sources such as article sites, business directories, forums, social media sites and other websites with similar themes, which are all seen by Google as a “vote” for your website.

We ensure the links to your site use diverse “anchor text”, with the majority comprising your brand name or URL, and some containing your keywords and variations of these.

All of these strategies help your site build authority in your specific industry, and result in your website getting ranked higher up the search engines.

All the work we do is fully itemised so you have total transparency over your SEO campaign. We have years of experience in SEO and are constantly learning the latest innovations to ensure our clients stay ahead of the pack. View our SEO packages.

Last year, one of our clients went from 65 website visitors in February to a massive 1182 website visitors in November!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many key phrases can I target?
A. There is no limit to the number of phrases you can target in your SEO campaign. We will come up with a list of potential keywords, based on relevance and search volumes. We will also group them into themes to work out the best pages to target each phrase and advise you on the best approach.

Q. How long does it take to get results?
Every business is different, and some will see positive results faster than others, depending on the level of competition, the specific niche you’re in, and the existing authority your website already has.

Q. How do I know my site won’t get penalised by Google?
We only use white hat SEO practices to ensure your site is adherent to Googles Webmaster Guidelines. Our team will not take any unethical shortcuts, and implement all strategies naturally and carefully.

Q. Will you guarantee high rankings?
Any company that makes a guarantee regarding SEO is careless and should be treated cautiously. Click the link for more on this.

Q. How do I know what I’m getting for my money?
All our work is fully transparent and we will communicate with you on a regular basis, informing you of what work is being done. You will also receive a monthly reporting, showing your traffic, keyword rankings and other useful statistics.

Q. Am I locked into a contract?
There is a 2 month implementation at the start of your SEO campaign but after this there is no fixed term or lock in contract. You can assess your plan at any time and scale it up or down, or cancel it. Please note, when you choose to cancel your campaign, this will take effect at the end of the current month you are in.