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How Do I Set Up My Email Account

Once you have created a new email account on your Control Panel, you can set it up on Microsoft Outlook (or similar program).

Go to: ‘Tools’, ‘Email Accounts’, ‘Add New Account’.

Select ‘Manual server or additional server types’

Select ‘POP or IMAP’

Your Name: Whatever Whatever
Email Address:
Account Type: POP3
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server: Your ISP (internet service provider)
Eg:, or whoever your internet is with
^^ for a full list of ISP outgoing mail servers go to:

Username: (full email address for username, not just ‘name’)
Password: ******

Under “More Settings” and the ‘Outgoing Server’ tab, there is a box that says “my outgoing server requires authentication”. Keep this box UNCHECKED.

Then click ok and save and your email address will be set up.

Note: You may choose to set the outgoing mail server as
If you do this, in “More Settings”, ‘Outgoing Server’ tab, the box that says “my outgoing server requires authentication” then must be CHECKED.

To setup email on a Mac or phone, you will need to Google ‘setup email on’….and enter your specific model. From there you should find instructions to guide you through the specific process.