The positive effect of a mentor, helping an individual to acheive their life goals and aspirations through motivation and guidance, is well documented.

But mentoring can be so much more, and many people are forming mentor-mentee relationships to help drive the success of their business.

While friends and family, colleagues, the internet and networking contacts can all offer information and advice, only a mentor can truly share invaluable knowledge to you on a regular basis.

business-mentoringHere are some of the main ways a mentor can help you grow your business:

Providing Advice

Without a doubt the number 1 benefit of having a business mentor is being able to ask them questions and receive good advice. A mentor will have more experience than yourself and will be able to provide wisdom and knowledge to help you make the right decisions.

Giving Encouragement

Running a business will have its ups and downs, and when you face challenges it can be hard to rise up and stay positive. A mentor not only provides encouragement but will also give you first hand stories of similar experiences they faced, and help you confront tough situations to become a better business person.

Offering A Different Perspective

A mentor can help you look at certain situatons in a different way, and see things from a perspective you might not have otherwise considered. This can be very useful in looking at your business from the eyes of a client, and helping you understand your business better from the outside.

Improving Skills

Business mentors have years of experience and as such, have an array of skills whch they can pass on to you. Whether it be communicating, organising, or performing specific tasks, you can learn invaluable lessons from your mentor, which will positively benefit the business.

Increasing Network

Networking is a massive part of growing your business, and the more people you know, the greater likelihood you will have someone on your contact list that can assist with the many business needs that come up. Business mentors generally have a large network of contacts, and through your relationship, you will gain access to this network.

Low Cost

A mentor typically gets involved with a person free of charge. They do this because they are usually very successful people who want to give back to society, and pass on their knowledge and experience to help others.

So if you are a small business owner looking for assistance and advice but don’t have a big budget, a mentor could be for you. Be sure to treat them to lunch or dinner though!

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