Users of Facebook be warned! There is currenty a Trojan horse virus doing the rounds and causing serious problems on people’s computers.

The virus is sent to you via an email posing as a Facebook notification  and is located in a zip file attachment on the email. If the attachment is opened, your email account login details can be compromised, and used to send out massive volumes of spam from your account.

The dodgy emails appear to come from Facebook (which they don’t) and are titled “Your friend added a new photo with you to the album”. Here is a screenshot of what they look like:


If you receive an email like this you should delete it immediately. If you EVER receive emails that you aren’t sure about, do not click on a link or open an attachment until you have verified that the email is legit (which most of the time it isn’t).

If you think you’re email account may have been infected, you should immediately look to run a full virus scan and malware check on your PC in order to remove the Trojan virus. You should also make sure you change your email passwords right away.