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"I never think of the future, it comes soon enough." - A. Einstein
  • The band's new album Plastic Skies is to be released on Monday June 10.
  • The lastest single, "Is It A Lie", rocketed into the top 10 on Triple J's Net 50.
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    September 2002
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    August 2002
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    1993 You Can't Hold Me Down (album)
    1. Lonely Man
    2. Joker
    3. Work It Out
    4. Living In
    5. Home
    6. Against The Wall
    7. Steve's Song
    8. Time
    9. Blind Fold
    10. Watch Yourself
    11. Octine
    12. Empty Spaces

    1994 Take A Look Inside (album)
    1. Do Not Do
    2. Time to Grow Up
    3. Gee and Al
    4. So Easy
    5. Nothing's Clear
    6. Joker
    7. 2 Many Times
    8. Double Standard
    9. Punk Ass
    10. Hardway

    1996 Rimshot (album)
    1. Windsok
    2. Adman the One Armed Bricklayer
    3. Glossy Books
    4. Today's Ways
    5. Don't Tell Me
    6. Board!
    7. The One We Forgot
    8. Next To You
    9. Land on Me
    10. 5000 G
    11. Washed Away

    1998 No Touch Red (album)
    1. Sequel
    2. Remote Controller
    3. Maze
    4. You've Taken Everything
    5. Fragile Happiness
    6. I Can't Help You
    7. You Say
    8. Return To Zero
    9. Big Fungoo
    10. Letter Never Sent
    11. Hideaway
    12. Let 'em Loose

    1999 Singles And Stuff (album)
    1. You Say
    2. Glossy Books
    3. Hazy Shade of Winter
    4. Time to Grow Up
    5. Remote Controller
    6. Don't Tell Me
    7. Kitchen Knife
    8. Windsok
    9. Gee And Al
    10. Return to Zero
    11. Next to You
    12. Do Not Do
    13. Washed Away
    14. You've Taken Everything
    15. Your Racist Friend

    2000 How It Works (album)
    1. Not The Same
    2. Feed It
    3. Ordinary Lives
    4. Make It Up
    5. No Pay Back
    6. Calling Orson
    7. Fall To The Ground
    8. Good Enough
    9. Five Minutes Away
    10. Another Day
    11. Clean Slate
    12. Running Out Of Time


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    :. Biography

    Bodyjar first orginally formed as a young band under the name Damnation. As Damnation the boys released two demos named 'Demo' and 'Grow'. They then changed their name to Helium in which they released a demo called 'Bodyjar' and a full length named 'You Can't Hold Me Down'.
    It wasn't until the boys changed their name to Bodyjar and recorded and released their first single 'Time To Grow up' and their next full length 'Take A Look Inside' that the boys got recognised and took off. Still very young the boys took off touring the new album and played with some of punks biggest names in many different countries.
    The boys lose orginal drummer Charles Zerafa and find new drummer Ross Hetherington. In the meantime the band release the 'Gee and Al / Do Not Do' single and begin work on their crucial second album under the newly recognised name Bodyjar.
    The boys released the single 'Glossy Books' which recieved great praise and became Bodyjars biggest hit. The fantastic film clip and the popularity of the song puts the 'Jar on the map. Following the sucess of the single the boys released the album 'Rimshot' which is a much tighter and faster approach to their trademark melodic punk rock.
    The band took off and toured around the world, winning over many new fans and friends. The single 'Don't Tell Me' was then released and followed by more touring around Australia and the world. The next release from the boys was the 'Strange Harvest' Ep which featured songs from the upcoming album, various b-sides and live recordings.
    The boys use Bill Stevenson + Stephen Egerton (Descendants, All) to mix the Ep and also to mix the upcoming album. The film clip from You've Taken Everything is released and the boys take off to Canada for a tour and to mix the upcoming album. 1998 saw the single 'Remote Controller' unleashed from the upcoming album and sees the band contine its fast yet melodic punk trademark.
    The boys then played the Vans Warped Tour and released their thrid full length 'No Touch Red'. The album is yeat another approach the the boys trademark style and is a little more slower and refined. The album recieved great reviews and led to an album tour with Down By Law and then a tour with then Blink 182. The second single from 'No Touch Red' was 'Letter Never Sent' which also came with a cool film clip and various tours. Very shortly after the band released the third single 'Return To Zero'.
    The boys then took a break after the Big Day Out tour 99 and a suprising rumour that Ben Petterson had left the band was confirmed and the band became a guitarist short. A new guitarist/vocalist was found in Tom Read from '180 Dischord' who joined the band at the age of 21. The band also left Shock records and signed to a major label in EMI. A compilation album 'Singles and Stuff' was released comprimising all the band hits and odd bits and commemorating the bands departure with Shock records. To comprimise with the compilation the band released a remixed version of the clasic cover 'A Hazy Shade of Winter'.
    The recording of the upcoming album took place early 2000 as did a nation wide tour with NOFX. 'Not The Same' was the first singleand came with a fantastic film clip which imatated the Popstars phase. Another single in 'Fall To The Ground' and its film clip was released just weeks before the new album was due. August 21 and the much anticpated new album 'How It Works' was released debuting at number 15 on the Aria charts and gets the boys a bit of commercial recognition and wins over many new fans.
    How It Works saw the band take a much slower and more focused approach to their songwriting and recieved rave reviews. The boys go tour crazy and play throughout Australia with Unwritten Law, Blink 182 and joined the Big Day Out and many more festivals throughout the summer of 2001. The next single from 'How It Works' was Feed It which was a solid release mixed by Tom Lard-Alge and once again the boys produced another classy film clip.


    :. The band members

    Cameron Baines

    Vox & Guitar
    Tom Read

    Guitar & Vox
    Grant Relf

    Ross Hetherington



    :. Photo images

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